November 28, 2012

Steampunk! Exhibit at Artisan Gallery

I managed to get myself to the Antipodean Steampunk Exhibition at Artisan Gallery in the Valley with the lovely miss Angelita on the 20th.
We had a great afternoon of chatting and arty stuff and coffee and Steampunk!
I was allowed to take a few photos (sans flash so had to use my phone, apologies about photo quality).
I'll be posting a proper review later, for now, suffice to say, it was exceptional. :D

The Samson Revolver (2012) by Caleb Heinselman

Lady Lepidopterolgy (2012) by Alexandra Gill-Chambers (Clockwork Butterfly)

Gentleman Assassin (2011) by Gallery Serpentine and Steampunk Rifle (2010) by Dj Djjor

Clockwork Universe (2007-12) by Tim Wetherell

Pianophone by John Doe

Origin of Species by Tim Wetherell

Collection of awesome.

Works by Michelle Murray and Romy Sai Zunde

Tea Bag Jiggler 5 (1993-94) by Russell Anderson

There was also a selection of maritime objects from the QLD Maritime Museum that rounded out the beautiful Victorian aesthetic of the exhibit.

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