July 22, 2010

Some July Works-In-Progress

We're currently in the middle of a major renovation of our current home while looking for a new place to live. My life is currently a mess of rather large proportions with packing, painting, house hunting and constant CONSTANT driving which is, frankly, driving me a little nuts!
I thought, with the untimely demise of my day job, I'd have more time to pursue my creative passions... this is infuriatingly not so :(
Ah well, I'm still managing to chip away at a few current art and binding projects, here's a peek.

Book binding:

(vector work for now, as I only had photoshop open and it doesn't open painter files :/ )


July 8, 2010

Hand Stamped Gift

Recently it was N's mother's birthday and, for the occasion, I made her a gift:

The paper is a lovely pearlescent cream colour. The images are hand stamped with chalk inks. All the elements were cut to size, folded and glued by hand.
My hand does not thank me for this lol.
I punched a few little blue stickers as envelope seals then added some pretty ribbon to finish it off. :)
The final size of the little note-papers is 12.3 x 10.5cm
The envelopes are 9 x 6cm
I've been on a crafting binge since my job finished last week. :)

Almost two months since my last post here... I am ashamed. :(


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