April 26, 2009

Laptop Withdrawls

Not having my own computer, in my own room, with my own programs, bites so badly.
It's been 2 and a half weeks since I sent my comp in for servicing and still not a peep, not a squeek not a clue.
No way to contact them in a manner that they'll reply to since it'd classify as a "request for estimated time of repair" which they have a policy of not responding to:

"We will not respond to requests for turnaround times, eta's or fault descriptions"

No email, no phone number either.

"We regret that we cannot provide estimated repair times."

I want my damned laptop back :(

I have a few new sketches to upload as well but i'm just lacking in any sort of motivation to post them right now.


April 20, 2009

PE drawing and STILL NO LAPTOP

Since having to go back to natural media lately i've been picking up things I haven't used in forever, thus the rustiness.
It's nice using inks again. :D

This was a picture done for a character exchange.
I had to draw their character, Nian, as merman/aquatic creature person, heheh much fun.

And a detail shot for those so inclined ^_^ :

Character is (C) it's respective owner
Images (C)2009 V.Silva/Veronica Silva/Albyon/whatever other name I decide to use :D

April 9, 2009

Some Sketches in Pencil or Lamenting the Loss of Lappy

Yes, my laptop is still in Brisbane.
One week and a day after it conked out.
It is supposed to be in Victoria getting fixed by now, this makes me sad.

So I revert to doodling in ye olde sketchbooks.

With my obsession with all things Heian, it was only a matter of time before I created a character from that period.
Pardon the darkness of the image, it was sketched in my brown paper sketchbook and scanned in B/W.
Meet Akiko.

Also, this was doodled for a rather impatient friend who wants to see a particular character of mine drawn in a particular era/style. For now, this doodle will have to tide you over, N. ^_^

Man, blogger is been a real @$$ to work with today :/


April 7, 2009

Laptop-less For A While

My computer stopped working last Wednesday and i've been silently suffering without. I make no excuses about my addiction to the digital realm and without my programs, internets and music (which is ALL on my comp) I may as well be without a limb.
I am making do with spartan use of my mother's computer, though it is clunky, missing favoured and what i consider, necessary, software, it is still a little lifeline of escapism I need.
Today, I gave in to my digital sketching addiction by installing GIMP on this poor RAM deprived machine and gave it a good go.
Like a friend said, it's no Photoshop *sobs* but it will do for now, at least until I get Laptop back.
This is what I managed to doodle in GIMP.
It's a very close program to photoshop in regard to options and specs but there's just something missing about it, I can only say it's the fluidity of use, or something, and perhaps the sensetivity of the brushes themselves that feel different in a very noticeable way. Eh.
Blah, enough rambling. Get to the arts.

I agree, it's no Mona Lisa, but whatevs.
It was also meant to be Felicien when I started it but... no. Sigh.


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