October 25, 2010

Sketch Dump - 25th Oct 2010

A few sketches floating around my computer.

urgh, mouth caused me more trouble than it was worth :/

Yay! Quidel! Hasn't been drawn in a very long time :3

And a very hurting Moonstone :'(


October 3, 2010

Of the Amphibious Kind

Not an art post but this little guy totally stole my heart!
Not sure how he got into the house but a monumental chase ensued to try to get him out.
He's actually a lot smaller than he seems, he was able to stand on the tip of my finger and wasn't really much larger than that.
What got me was the amazing colour; a gorgeous, intense green with a gradation to yellow on his little legs and belly, so beautiful!

A little bit of scale to show how tiny he was; those are my sister's hands in the upper right corner :3

We did try to take some other photos with a camera phone but unfortunately they were just way too overexposed to salvage :(


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