January 31, 2009

WIP - Flawed

Working on a pic for Illustration Friday this week since I missed last weeks :(
Had a pic halfway done for the last prompt but just didn't get another chance to work on it. Ah well. Perhaps I'll post it here at some point in the future anyways. ^^

Here's this weeks Work In Progress, due this Friday for the prompt: "Flawed"
Wish me luck in getting it finished this time! haha

Sketched in Painter, which I finally got working again. :D

January 30, 2009

My faith, you has lost it.

So I said it wouldn't bother me considering it was work done at a low price for a local, but it does bother me now. I can't help it.

Mid way through last year I was asked to do some illustration/design work for a fellow near where I live. He said he couldn't pay me much and I was happy to help out for a lower price than I normally charge for graphic design or illustration work.
So we made an accord but no paperwork was every actually exchanged. I took his word for it.
Mistake number one.

So I drew the illustrations to his specifications; he wanted cartoony/childish and, though not my strongest area, he was happy with the sketches and where they were going.
I managed to crank out to his very detailed specs, 5 illustrations, including a cartoon logo design and a fully prepared brochure for which I even had to write my own copy (text) for.

I could tell the brochure wasn't quite to his liking, he said it was too corporate (ie. too professional, in my opinion) and asked if I could give him my source files so he could "mess around with them".
I, trustingly and stupidly, did.
Mistake number two. And a doosie this one was.

I never heard from him again.

Today I was having lunch at a local eatery with my mum when, lo and behold, there staring me in the face was my work. Or at least a hideously cannibalised version of it.
He's selling the brochure for two bucks a pop, it looks terrible, completely amateur and no where am I credited for the work he so kindly took, used, destroyed and is now making money from.
I was shaking so hard I couldn't eat my lunch.

I know this is mainly my fault but damn does it ever destroy faith in others when you're blind sided like this. :(

Here's a link to his website, which also uses some of my graphics which he so nicely edited, chopped and messed up royally.


I know I should confront him and ask for payment for services rendered, godknows I spent a good amount of time trying to get the exact cartoony feel down with all the illustrations, as well as on the brochure which he didn't use, but all I want to do is forget about him and how bad I feel right now.
Maybe one day, when i've cooled down a little, I will, in the meantime, I have to live with the knowledge that the man across the street ripped me off for been a gullible idiot.
Lesson well learned.


January 29, 2009

Crafty Love

For you crafty lovers out there (like me, closet crafter lol), there's a wonderful give-away on Bitty Bits and Pieces blog for a gorgeous mini handbag filled with valentines day goodness!
If you love craft or just valentine, head on over there and wish her a happy 100th blog post!

Check out these lovely photos from her blog :D

Go on over there, she has a lovely blog.

January 27, 2009

Little Wooden Heart

Tonight's photoshop sketch. Brought to you by my square butt.
Totally random sketching without any particular direction, good for a little de-stress. :)
I might colour this at some point, I kind of like it ^^

January 26, 2009

Pink NM

There were parties afoot for AustDay here in the house today, so I took the opportunity to hide myself away in my closet and make arts.
I recently stumbled upon SpoonFlower and was very inspired by what they have to offer.
The site specialises in printing personalised fabrics, from a few centimetres (swatch size) up to 3yards (2.74m for us metric users).
You create your own designs to go on the fabrics and they print them on high quality cotton and mail it anywhere in the world.
Suffice to say, I am very excited. :D
So today, hidden away in my cave, I whittled away the hours with a little design work, in Inkspace of all programs (which actually isn't that bad once you get the shortcuts down and stop mistaking Illustrator shortcuts).
The design is a little busy in the end, but I'm rather fond of it now, the more I look at it ^^
It also makes me realise just how rusty my design skills actually are; this took me way longer then it should have if I had made sketches and thumbs before hand, rather than plopping myself into the deep end and working straight in Inkspace.

Lol, by the end of drawing my eyes were like dry crackers from all that pink. XD
Trust me, you wanna click on that pic, it looks waaaaaay better without the blogger compression.

Those links again:
Inkspace (vector drawing freeware program)

January 24, 2009


I so plan on registering for this, what a great little idea to get the creative juices flowing!
Here's hoping I can stick with it XD.

January 23, 2009

Illustration Friday: Pale

Very last minute post for Illustration Friday.
Couldn't really sleep so did this. Have to work tomorrow... why aren't i asleeeeep??? =_=


January 16, 2009

PE Brethren - "Light"

Drawn today for the PE brethren section, character is Moonstone (9), theme was "Light".
I tried to show a few things with Moon within the context of the theme;
- His light colouring
- Light as in weightlessness (though I don't know how well that conveyed)
- Light as in the directional bg light.

Yeah I probably sound more artsy than I really am XD
Drawn in Painter in about 3 hours (waaaaaay too long for an overworked sketch :/ )

January 14, 2009


Little thumbnail for silliness.

Only managed one measly sketch tonight before movies and admin work got in the way.
Just one :/ and on top of that it's totally brainless and very very silly and oh so much fun was had doodling it. XD

WIP - Fox has her way

WIP I've been working on since about 8:00am this morning. I swear the colour scheme is totally by accident, I tend to subconsciously follow these particular colours a lot apparently!
Haven't started a proper digital painting is some time actually, hopefully I'll finish it XD.
Drawn and painted(ing) in Painter.

January 12, 2009

Doodles b4 bed

Tonights digital daftness is brought to you by N-dono and my diet addled brain. Rayne (fish boy up there) seems to get the idea.

sleep now. talk later.

January 11, 2009

His Christmas, Not Mine!

Cross posted from my DeviantArt account.

Finished it!!!!!
Little Christmas piccy I promised N of my characters, twins Ky and Kas (Kas on the left with the teddies, cranky Ky on the right).
Painted in Painter. yay!! had so much fun with this one, haven't drawn these two in forever.

January 8, 2009

PE - Lightning round for Ketari

PE lightning round for Jess/Ketari, her character, Ernesto in a rather scary situation for him ^^.
The theme was "bad habits/resolutions" in which Ernesto here, who's bad habit is being "mean, abrasive and anti-social" is forced into a situation that involves being just the opposite: DAYCARE!! XD

Drawn in painter and photoshop.

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