January 26, 2009

Pink NM

There were parties afoot for AustDay here in the house today, so I took the opportunity to hide myself away in my closet and make arts.
I recently stumbled upon SpoonFlower and was very inspired by what they have to offer.
The site specialises in printing personalised fabrics, from a few centimetres (swatch size) up to 3yards (2.74m for us metric users).
You create your own designs to go on the fabrics and they print them on high quality cotton and mail it anywhere in the world.
Suffice to say, I am very excited. :D
So today, hidden away in my cave, I whittled away the hours with a little design work, in Inkspace of all programs (which actually isn't that bad once you get the shortcuts down and stop mistaking Illustrator shortcuts).
The design is a little busy in the end, but I'm rather fond of it now, the more I look at it ^^
It also makes me realise just how rusty my design skills actually are; this took me way longer then it should have if I had made sketches and thumbs before hand, rather than plopping myself into the deep end and working straight in Inkspace.

Lol, by the end of drawing my eyes were like dry crackers from all that pink. XD
Trust me, you wanna click on that pic, it looks waaaaaay better without the blogger compression.

Those links again:
Inkspace (vector drawing freeware program)

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