December 30, 2008

Not slacking!

See! Haven't been completely slacking off!! XD
Just working on something a little more long-term (for a specific someone) besides working and trying to deal with incredibly painful finger joints and knuckles in my drawing hand.

New years.
2009 is coming along like a freight train on speed and I am totally unprepared for what this year will bring. Hopefully it's something a little more productive, perhaps finally starting up that little business plan I've had in mind for so, so long.

Also, slow interwebs is slow. I managed to use up all our quota halfway through this month and this shaped speed is driving me insane!!! Only two more sleeps till I get full speed back again thangawd.

December 26, 2008

Pink Ladies on Boxing Day

Tonight's chicken scratch, 20 minutes of sketchie goodness done purely because I felt guilty about not updating lol. Sketched (scratched) in in pwetty pink.

Now I will go and crash because last few nights have been the crappest sleep of my life (other than that evil time starting new meds) and I must work again tomorrow =_=
However, tomorrow NIGHT is something I am gleefully looking forward to thanks to the amazingly generous Bleupencil ( who has kindly invited me to see Dralion (cirque du soleil)!!!! This is the one and only time I will allow myself to unabashedly squee. SQUEEEEEE!!! XD

December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Festivities!!!

I know I said I probably wouldn't manage to update today coz of work and Christmas Eve celebs with the family and such but I manages to squeeze in a sketch this morning after all lol.
And when I say sketch I mean really-rough-base-work-grubby-sketch sketch.
Drawn in Photoshop. Not very 'christmas' either (lol) but oh well. ^^

Happy Christmas, lovelies!! Be safe and warm and hugged and crushed by mountains of awesome presents!!

December 23, 2008

Christmas cards 2008 are done!

Yay! got the rest of my handmade Christmas cards sent out today, two of which contained little pics because they were asked for and I was happy to oblige ^^.

Unfortunately, they haven't reached their destination just yet so I can only post a couple of little snippets, at least until I have confirmation that they've arrived safely at their new homes.

I've got just one more little promised Chrissy gift to do but it's taking me a little longer coz it involves my characters which for some lame reason, I always have trouble drawing these days.

Anyway, onto other things.
Tonight, I am making my famous gingerbread cookies and possibly some of those yummy chocolate truffles I made a little while ago that vanished waaaay too quickly. Of course, it all depends on how long it takes me to finish my cookies, since cooking with a single oven tray tends to lengthen overall cooking time considerably.

Well, if I don't post again till after Christmas (i'm working all day tomorrow so probably no art then Christmas then working on boxing day then on weekend too) I wish everyone who visits here (lol) a safe and wonderful Christmas and that you all get awesome presents!!

December 22, 2008

Red sketches of the morning

This morning's figure sketches, sans references coz I'm just lazy dammit. again. ^^
Not much but good practise I suppose. I have a preference to red, no duh.
I'll try to squeeze in a few more sketchies before the end of the day, between shopping and cleaning and more damned shopping.

December 21, 2008 has it's turn

Because I seriously need to be drawing more, even if it's just grubby sketches like this one.
6am this morning and I was already up and bored out of my mind. I don't start till 9:30 so there I was staring blankly at my screen cursing the early hour and the lack of decent things to watch. So I cracked out the old (lol but it loads a lot quicker than Painter or Photoshop) and played around with some of the weird and wonderful brush settings. Took me all of half an hour but yay! arts! XD

December 20, 2008

Pre weekend day job sketchy

!MOAR!! you says??

20 minute sketchy before work this morning ^^
Hmm, reminds me of a certain male character from a certain anime... lol.

It's unusually cloudy and humid out today, looks like it's going to storm. I kind of hope so too, it'll mean less people wanting to get ice cream which'll mean less scooping with an already bad wrist. Yay! XD

December 19, 2008

Coz I actually had stuff I should have been doing.

Figures that when I actually do have other important things I should be working on, I find the time to procrastinate for a good couple of hours. Ah well, at least I had fun.

Painter and wasted time.

December 12, 2008

Customer service non-existant

Wow thanks for letting me know my blog was FINALLY unlocked blogger. Way to treat people. :/

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