May 18, 2011

Woodless Watercolours

Haven't had much of a chance to create anything finished, other than books. I'm all into the bookbinding at the moment :D
Had a little play with some Mont Marte Woodless Watercolour Pencils at work, they're very different from traditional watercolour pencils, they require less precise control thus I found it rather challenging! However, they have a lovely effect and some beautiful lush colours; fun for splashing about with messier, looser work.
This was done at work in the spare 10 minutes before I started, so yes, not that original. ^^



  1. I love watercolour, but haven't used it much at all. I only have pencils too - Aquarells

  2. I have something shockingly simmilar to this framed and sitting on my display shelf.


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