July 4, 2011

Birthday, Box and Stationary

I've been pretty sick lately, I've had a nasty flu that's put me out of action for over a week (suspected whooping cough for a while but not sure now, hope it's not!)
I've been unable to go to work, doctors orders, and am on strong antibiotics that leave me with a perpetual bitter taste in my mouth, ew.
It also happened to fall on my birthday, of course, but it's nothing new as I've always had crappy things (mainly illness or accidents; broken bones, hospital stays, asthma attacks, flu's, bugs and infections etc) happen around the time of my birthday.
The upside was that this year I spent it with my wonderful family, and even in my disgusting state at the time, we had a lovely birthday breakfast :)

<3They even bought me a kumquat plant! Yum!

To stave off the boredom while at home I've been making stuffs, mainly books and birthday presents.
This one is a stationary set, printed with my own hand made stamps with matching envelopes and sticker seals. I even made the a box for them this time! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, even if it is a little rough around the edges.
I then wrapped it in some of my hand-dyed lokta paper i've been saving for special use :3

Mandatory doggy approval.


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