August 3, 2011

Danger Daze Drawings

Just a small art update.
These are some drawings I made for a local zine published by an ex co-worker.

Pen and ink, digital and pencil, respectively.

Only two of these made it to printing though; the pencil drawing of the girl with the crown did not, I'm thinking it was perhaps because it was too cute for the "sci-fi, horror and bizarro" subject matter of the zine. XD
By the way, the Zine is pretty awesome, there is some amazing talent out there in Brisvegas!



  1. These are really nice. I especially like the octo-girl, she has such a carefree pose and expression. The girl with the crown is very nice too!

  2. woahh you are a really cool drawer - do you have Twitter? :)

  3. Mirre: Thank you!
    GirlNerd23: Thanks! I do have a twitter, though it doesn't get updated nearly as much as it should!


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