February 26, 2012

Back to Uni - Am I Crazy?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

Bachelor of Fine Arts at Griffith's QLD College of Art starting tomorrow!
Pros and cons list goes a little like this:


  • Finally doing the degree I've wanted to since leaving high school! Yes, it has taken me this long. -__-
  • Free to do art experimentation
  • Lean new ways to create
  • Meeting new people

  • Money. MONEY. Will have none during. :(
  • Difficult to find time for making things to sell
  • Theory subjects x__x
  • Homework X__X
  • Did I mention the fact that I'm going to be poor for the next 3+ years? Yes? Well now I've mentioned it again. :/

These are the main points I've on my mind at the moment, in particular the part about being poor again, I'm not of fan of that.
But, even though the prospect of struggling to make ends meet terrifies me, I'm ridiculously excited just the same.
Orientation week was an eye opener and wandering around the arts campus itself was inspiring, I honestly can't wait to start in on the practical work. :D
I'm starting this semester with one theory subject, one graphical interpretation subject (basically life drawing intense), one painting subject and one jewellery and small objects subject, which is the one that has me really excited. Next semester it's printmaking and sculpture.
I've gone into this degree hoping to come out of it with a major in Printmaking but who knows where the tide will take me, and since my fixation on certain artistic forms is rather mercurial anyway, I'm open to the prospect that I may come out of this with something completely different. In fact, I rather welcome that possibility.


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