October 7, 2012

Critiques are Creeping Closer

Second semester critiques are creeping closer, looming more like, and I'm starting to feel the fear.
Why is it always the way that as something bigger looms closer, the easier it is to procrastinate? O_o

I recently spent some time on the Gold Coast to teach kids bookbinding, it was both fun and frustrating!
Kids are difficult to teach but I am always amazed by how creative they can be once they get into the headspace.

Also, made a bracelet for my mother, she has a thing for rainbow colours (which I can't say I share, give me themed colours or limited colour palettes any day!) and Swarovski crystals (this one, I can totally understand); a messy if amazingly sparkly combination, but the bracelet did turn out rather gorgeous. :3



  1. Wowsa! What a lucky mama xox

  2. Oooh so pretty!! Teaching kids is always an experience lol. But I imagine they are there because they're interested in what you're showing them, so they should at least be mildly attentive. The trick is to get on their wavelength.... I love they way their little minds work :D


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