March 2, 2009

Japanese Fabric-y Post

Most of today was spent very hands on with my silk stash, not so much in the "Yay! I made something!!" way but rather in the "Yay! I'm getting organised!!" way, which is just as good.

I've been regularly updateing my database of fabrics and today got a major update.
But today's main task was unpicking loose and errant silk threads from vintage silk panels, carefully as some of the silks are virtually threadbare from age. They're usually the most fun to do due to the delicacy involved. I am weird, I know, I have been told many times -_-

A little something I found quite a treat today though...
While going over a raspberry coloured silk I found a little Mon in one of the corners, it was a gorgeous little butterfly caricature! I've never seen one like that before, they're usually fairly symmetric and more 'serious' looking but this one was so sweet! Here, have a looksie:

So cute!!! I'm not exactly certain but it's either a Kiyobu Chō or Ageha-Chō, though i'm leaning toward the later.

After a full day's unpicking, I'm getting rather fast at it. Also, it won't be long before I have enough to start my own Temari! XD

And yes that is indeed a tea cup.


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  1. A silk stash, how lovely that must be!!! You are so talented, I've always wanted to be able to draw/design. The fabric you received from Miya is lovely, I wonder if I'll receive the same? I wonder where my parcel is, I do hope Aust Post hasn't lost it!!! I checked out your profile and am guessing that you are a bit of a fan of the Alien films - right? LOL
    Kelly (SMS FQ swappee)


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