March 5, 2009

My Back Decides to Hate Me.

I'm a little more housebound than normal since yesterday, I've gone and stuffed my back up again it seems.

A few years back (first year of uni, if I recall), I had a small household accident involving a certain puppy that landed me jarring my back badly and ending up in hospital a little later with a slipped disk (bulged disk is another term I've have thrown at me).
After months of physio and relearning proper postures and sitting and back exercises I was well on the way to a good recovery.
Until yesterday.
I honestly have no idea why it's started going downhill again but there it goes; dull aching yesterday and today full blown lower lumbar pain in the same place as before.
Dammit, curses and all manner of cussing. I really don't need this now that i'm trying my damnedest to get organised for starting my own business.

So i'm hobbling around as straight backed as i can, stuffing towels behind my back when I sit and generally just not sitting too long at all as it becomes unbearable after about 10 minutes.

Still, the show must go on, so to speak, at least until (god forbid PLEASE) the pain gets to the point I need intravenous doses of morphine again, like last time, so I can sleep and puke my guts up all night :/

Speaking of shows, I have managed to be somewhat productive today, no crafts or arts though, just not feelin it today.

Here's a snapshot of my room right now, silks all over the place as I get them cleaned and unpicked properly and ironed (eventually) then sewn.

AND..... *drumrolls in my head*
I've been waiting for this to get here for ages and it finally arrived today! My design looks GREAT on the cotton, i'm so happy with it!

Also, these are two more of the wonderful fabrics I've gotten from from the Sew, Mama, Sew, fabric swap:

From Kelly

From Sarah:

I heart fabrics. ^^

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