July 15, 2009

Book Binding Shenanigans - Pic heavy post

A few of my bookbinding shenanigans within the last couple of weeks. These are only three for now, there are more to come. :)

Silk Paper Longstitch
Long stitch practise. This was my first venture into this type of stitch, it's interesting ^_^
The book is made from silk card with violet silk flecks, very pretty.
Thread is gradating violet silk embroidery thread.
Book dimensions: 8.8cm x 9.1cm x 5.6cm wide.
Didn't take me that long to make as it was mainly a practise to see if I could get the stitching look nice and neat. Love how the chain stitch on the ends came out ^^.

Silver Stab-bound.
Little Japanese stab bound book.
The covers are heavy, grey, canvas textured card with washi paper trimming near the bindings. End papers are the same washi paper as the front trimmings.
Pages are pink, blue and green single sided scrapbooking paper. Bound with waxed linen thread.
Nice and compact - 7.7cm x 8cm x 1cm
I'm still having some issues with this type of binding, I'm finding it hard to get the tension right, it's either too tight and I can't open it, or it's too loose and it flops about. :/
Ah well, practise practise!!

My First Coptic Stitch
Though certainly not the first one I've posted online XD
This little book was my first attempt at coptic stitch ^_^ I just didn't have the guts to post it before lol
I love the exposed spine look, definitely will continue playing with this style.
Book is 8cm x 8cm x 2cm
Cover boards are covered in scrapbooking paper, pages are single sided scrapbooking paper, binding is with waxed silk embroidery thread.

More of my books can be found on my Flickr page: Here

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