August 5, 2009

A little bit of Colour - Bookbinding

Some old and new bookbinding samples.

Gloss Embossed
Soft cover book with embossed card cover.
The raised parts of the embossing are glossed (thus the name ^^).
Inside of the covers is neutral covered Lokta paper, good reinforcing too.
5 Signatures in white bond paper with yellow and orange pages randomly interspersed.
Binding thread is a cotton satin look gold thread in a long stitch with some crossing over of threads. :D
I'm still debating whether I should make this one saleable or not ^_^

Dark Gold
A soft cover book created for a friend.
Cover material is heavy, pearlescent, dark gold coloured card with textured lines.
Binding was done in bright blue cotton embroidery thread in a long stitch style.
5 signatures in alternating white bond paper and brown kraft paper.
Kraft paper is great to draw on :D
The spine is reinforced with another layer of the same cover card.
Little washi paper decoration on the cover to help with book orientation.

Rainbow in Pink
Soft cover crazy rainbow coloured longstitch book, for fun :D
Covers are bright pink with little raised leaf patterns.
25 signatures (2 sheets each) in rainbow colours, bound with waxed linen thread in white, nice and sturdy.
The cover is folded over twice for strength and I was able to make little pockets on the front and back covers for stashing away of mini documents or old crappy business cards XD lol.



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