January 19, 2010

365 Days of Design

I'm committing to Smashing Mag's "Design Something Every Day" Challenge.
I've been sorely slacking off on my design and illustration work lately, so any motivation, especially something as fun as this, is well received.
Most people started on the 1st of Jan, I, as usual, was late to the party and have only started today... or yesterday if my clock is correct (which it is, it's past midnight and why am I not in bed yet??).

I've dedicated a blog to this most auspicious event: 365 Days of Vee

First post is up there already, a quick little vector intended as a Valentines card piece but which is now a printable for your personal use pleasure (just let me know if you'd like a higher res version).

And that, my dears, is the first blog post of 2010!! :D

Dearlawd, what am I getting myself in to! XD


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