January 22, 2010

Doodle Swap 2010 - First swap of the year!

Doodle Swap 2010 #4

"Water Lily"

"Little Branch"

"Leaf Blown"


"Ivory Lotus"




These were posted out a couple of days ago (I was a little late in finishing them, the technique I used was a little time consuming) for the Doodle Swap Project.
This is the second time I've participated and it's always a nice little refreshing change of artistic pace. Figured it would be ok to post these as no one really knows which one they're going to get.

I went with a flora theme this time. Nothing is actually a real plant though lol, they're all out of my imagination.

I used ball point pen, which I generally shy away from, but this time is was rather enjoyable and has opened up a new technique for me that I'll probably be using more often in the future.

p.s. Sorry about the terrible scans, a lot of detail was lost. Had to use parental's dinky scanner as mine is in the process of dying. Guaranteed they are much nicer in real life, dear recipients. :)


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