March 10, 2010

Up To No Good

A daily that turned into a finished image again, i never realised how easy it is to get carried away with vectors. :p
I initially wanted to do a portrait of some kind but when I got started it became more and more stylised, so I just pushed that further until you have this. :)

I recently purchased a fashion and costume book from the Kyoto Costume Institute and I've been ogling the gorgeous styles, craftsmanship, fabrics and the whole opulence of, in particular, 18th and 19th century fashion. As I moved through the fashionable ages, I noticed, however, a distinct lack in the 1920's section and a sad lacking of the lovely flapper style I admire, so I threw in some of that deco influence here as well, to make up for it in my mind. :p

Hmm. I can't decide whether I feel this one is right for Red Bubble gallery or not, any thoughts please?

Also cross posted to my Daily365 blog.


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