April 1, 2010

Green Dress and Pigtails - WIP

Another work in progress. This time painted in Painter, just for a change. :p

I finally managed to buy myself a legit copy of Painter, albeit, it is Painter X (11 is out, if i'm not mistaken) but this version serves me just as well. Besides, too many fancy options tend to overwhelm me.
I haven't painted using a Wacom tablet for months (and that doesn't include digital sketching, which i have done XD) since I've been focusing on working on my vector skills of late, so I was feeling a little rusty, but at the same time, it was somehow exhilarating, been able to paint with brush strokes and blended colours again (my first love) rather than lines and joints and fills. Not that I have anything against vectors, in fact, I've grown to love working with them.
This painting was (is been) created on two different computers (one at work then at home) which ended up causing me all manner of problems as I'd forgotten to import my brushes and settings to the new home computer. Eh, been the lazyass that I am, instead of going back and importing them, I instead forced myself to find a work around.
Now i just have to make sure I stay interested otherwise this poor painting will go the way a lot of my work does when i don't finish it within 2 or 3 days: the 'unfinished' archives. :/

Also, apologies for the terrible resolution, I thought i'd installed photoshop on this computer but either i forgot or it vanished into digital nothingness O_o. Painter JPG conversions are always rather crap.


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