April 28, 2010

Obi Book

I made this for a friend's birthday recently.
The cover is a vintage silk obi, the signatures sewn into the fabric with waxed thread. Red silk ribbon around it and two types of paper for the signatures; a delicate, mottled parchment paper and a lovely smooth, cream, 160gsm, archival paper.
She loved it :)

I've got a few of these made in various sizes and fabrics and am still making more, the problem is, sewing the signatures into the silk is a time consuming process as I don't want to leave any marks on the silk (so no pen/pencil marks), just the pages and the thick, sturdy silk obi. I use a small template for each one, but it still becomes a somewhat trial and error to get the needle through in the right spot, sort of thing.
Maybe one day, i'll come up with an easier, faster way. ^_^
I'm planning on selling these on either Etsy or Artfire in the near future (or when I have more stock).


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