December 4, 2010

Unexpected DD

Now there's something I never expected to get! lol

This image got a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt. Came as a complete surprise as I certainly didn't see that particularly image as something deserving ^_^'
Freaked me out the first time I logged back into my DA account to find more than the handful of comments this time, I wasn't sure what was happening! lol (still kind of freaky watching the numbers change real time O_o)

Anyway, just thought I'd share since this made me ludicrously happy :3
It's funny, I was on my old DA account for over 8 years and never had a single DD, then 7 months into my new account with a completely different style and there you go. Not sure whether that annoys me or not yet lol.

Still, I'm grateful to the people that suggested and featured it for a DD, it brightened an otherwise pretty crappy Saturday.



  1. Art is great, congrats on your Daily Deviation :D

  2. Oh Sister, you are a serious Illustrator Master. Take me to your pen tool, transparency and gradient dojang, and teach me the ways ^_^.

  3. ~Trisha: Thank you! :D

    ~Anders: My dear, you're a sweetheart and are already an Illustrator Pro, what are you asking me to teach you for!! Big hugs for you guys!


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