November 29, 2010

Some Books In The Shop

I recently put these little books up for purchase at the place I work on weekends.
It's a lovely little chocolate shop (Mayfield Chocolates, Tamborine) so they make nice gifts for the gifts display section and my boss is nice enough to let me put them there :D

Case bound book with purple washi spine and purple mulberry paper covers. The signatures are varying colours (greens and pinks and purples). My fav of the three. :3

Pamphlet bound book with hot pink and yellow paisley style covers. The paper is a gorgeous metallic, smooth stock. Unfortunately, the colour doesn't show up as nicely in the photos. Signatures are blank white.
This one sold recently :3

Soft cover blank book with cream indian handmade paper, screened in gold for the covers. Purple stitching and a little gold bead decoration. Pages are shades of yellow.


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