November 26, 2010

Grad Invitations

These invitations were commissioned from a friend. I promised I'd post up a work in progress and here it is. :3

Epic workplace of epic mess. Epic.

Templates. The paper one died not long after the first 10 or so, so I moved onto a cardboard one.

After drawing in the tempate I added all the necessary measurement marks and scored the fold lines with a semi-dulled awl, then got to cutting the sleeves out.

Cutting. More cutting. o_O

One change of blade-tip later and all sleeves are done. :)

I have scraps coming out of my ears! Time to wash hands of green before starting on the next step. But first...


All set and ready to assemble. The text part of the invitations themselves were designed, printed, sealed, cut and assembled by me earlier.

Envelopes were designed, cut and scored out of lovely metallic, patterned paper which I turned the pattern to the inside. The corresponding designs go on the outside to match up with the invites.

Envelopes where then separated into their designs, then matched up with their invites all ready and folded up.

DONE! Added some matching sticker seals made with my trusty sticker maker and packed them up neatly ready to be mailed. :D


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