November 5, 2010

Whatchadoin? Vectors??

I was about to say, "not much" but in reality, I've been doing a fair bit of art things lately.
Unfortunately, I don't have very much to show for it as most things end up scrappy and/or permanent works in progress.
However, I've been going back to quite a few of those older WIP's from my failed days of "365" and finishing some of them up.

I've also been very interested in participating in competitions and such, I'd love to maybe get some of my work published some day, especially now that i'm starting to feel a little more comfortable in my chosen style... whether I continue in this new style or not is to be seen, but for the time being, I'm just going to go with it.

Erm... tangent.

ANYways, I'm aiming to get some work published (already have been accepted for a book coming out in 2011 some time), unfortunately, the software I am using may or may not be commercially legit (I may or may not have only the student version from uni), and thus I am having a crisis of conscience right there; I want to participate in published and commercial work etc but I need legit software.
Illustrator, the one I'm playing with at the moment, is out of the question. $2000+ dollars for the standalone program or $3000+ for the package. Yeah. Let me just pull that amount out of my richly bejewelled @$$.
So, I've had to leave Illustrator aside for now
*sob* when it comes to commercial work, and I've started experimenting with freeware and more wallet friendly programs.
So far, I've only found one I've felt relatively comfortable with and that allows me to create in a similar way than in Illustrator: Xara.
I like it enough to take the time to learn it so here's hoping I'm not so pigheaded as to be unable to adapt.

This is what I've managed so far, it's taken me probably 3 times as long to get to this point in the drawing but it's a start. :3

Sorry, it's only a scrap and blogger compression is evil on vector images.


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