May 21, 2009

Catching Up on Crafty Things

Today looks like it has the past four days. Like this:

So my goals today (because weather doesn't really allow me to go anywhere other than my room which is the warmest place in the house right now) are to get a few more book making things done, since it's fast becoming one of my favourite crafts.

I'm trying my hand at stitching over tape bindings today, i've already had a go at basic codex and Japanese stab bound (more about that in the next post) with relatively decent results.
These are yesterday's efforts at getting the signatures ready and cutting out the cover boards, as well as choosing the materials for the cover and tape bindings.
Notice the candelabra? I prepared during another blackout (out of sheer boredom I might add), they're coming fast and frequent these days, one per day at least this week.

So getting more on this done is today's goal.
That and working on a pen drawing I was also daft enough to start by candlelight last night. Night photo fail there. Sorry. ^_^


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