May 16, 2009

Laptop LIVES!!! & Pencil Goth-loli Madness

W00t! The return of laptop was marked with a busy and awesome week long visit from Nayu-Roia and much family mayhem.

Lappy waited quietly for my return ^^
And, as promised a certain fussy med-student (you know I sez it coz i luvs you):

Akiko if she were to be dressed by Elle (who's a goth and would see goth-loli/kimono cutie potential in an unsuspecting Aki... this probably only makes sense to one other person XD). Drawn at work in trusty brown paper sketch book between running around and serving customers.

And I would say more except it's rather late and freezing cold and I have to work tomorrow, so off to beds for me. Night!


1 comment:

  1. Yes I r very fussy! I demand more arts!!

    I love the combination of designs you used and I'm really surprised at the near full body pose, you have to do more of them!! Plus she's just as adorable as ever.

    But I want to see more of her and this Elle girl (who btw I have heard nothing of!!)

    Also I'm still waiting on the Felician picture from so long ago!! I need the arts to survive!!XD


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