June 5, 2009

Folding Folios For Fun and Recreation. Sort of.

Yesterday was probably one of the most emotionally draining, and some what shocking, days I've had in a long time. One I hope to forget asap.
Of course, on day's like that, managing to squeeze out something creative is like trying to make a pig fly so I opted for something mundane and cathartic but that still manages to fool me into thinking I've gotten something even vaguely 'creative' done.

I folded signatures.
Surprisingly good for keeping the mind off other not so nice issues.
Hopefully I'll be turning these into lovely little books sometime soon, I'm particularly looking forward to the big white signature there, that's getting leather bound if I have anything to do with it!
Well today I'm off to do some paper shopping, I have some wedding invitations to make. :)


1 comment:

  1. you have a lot of talent. I am jealous as I rarely have time for my artistic side. Thanks for letting me live by proxy through you!


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