June 21, 2009

Not Dead, just working

My family and I have been working round the clock to get a new business venture under way; a cafe!
So really, I'm not actually dead (though after this weekend, I think I'm starting to feel it) just been run off my feet somewhat ^^

This is our cafe! It's called, "La Chilena Cafe", after our native country. We sell coffee, empanadas, chilenitos (otherwise known as alfajores in other south american countries, though the recipe we use is different and definitely Chilean lol), homemade cakes, biscuits and other noms as we think them up. Yay! :D

And this is my designated little area :D
I make a mean latte, if I do say so myself 0_~

I have become quite the coffee snob because of this too lol, and I've also become waaaaay too fond of coffee.



  1. Your family's cafe looks so cute and fun! I'd love to visit it one day!


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