October 16, 2009

Pamphlet Book Swap - Photos

My first book swap at the BookArts Forum was a hardcover pamphlet, which I'd never made before so it was both fun and a learning experience!
I love making these little things, it's so addictive.

Now that I've received confirmation that my swap partner received the book (and is happy with it, yay!), I can post a few of the photos I managed to take just before I sent it (I only remembered on the day I was sending it so didn't get a chance to look at the pictures till now, thus some are a little blurry, apologies ^^' ).

Materials used were:
Japanese silk paper in pale pink, reinforced, for the spine
Pink vellum with a cherry blossom design for inside papers
Dark grey metallic paper with white fans design for the covers
Cream metallic paper for the endpapers
130gsm, textured, cream coloured calligraphy paper for the book block
Vintage silk from a Japanese kimono in gunmetal grey for the slipcase.


1 comment:

  1. what a wonderful pamphlet book, love the slipcase you made for it.


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