November 4, 2011

Mamita's Birthday

It was my mother's birthday on the 2nd of November and I was unable to visit her that day :( however, she did have a lovely party at her work, courtesy of my father and their friends.
Even though I wasn't able to see her in person, we had a lovely chat over the phone and I will be seeing her on Monday to celebrate her birthday with our little family (just the three of us at the moment, younger sibling and other half, who live in South America, will be there with us in spirit <3 ).
In the meantime, I managed to add a second item to the birthday present I'd made for her, so now it's a set!
Unfortunately, she reads my blog, XD so all I can post right now is this:

Her present, all set and ready to be given!
Happy belated birthday, Mamita!! Love you!! xoxo

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