February 10, 2009

Beyond Pink and Blue

I've been wondering about the horrors that are happening down in Victoria lately and that in turn makes me wonder how can I possibly help, even in some small way?
I came upon Beyond Pink and Blue's blog post about helping comfort some of the kids that are involved in the disaster, and I thought this would be a great idea.
These children are been left with nothing, nothing to distract them, comfort them or keep them busy while they're parents deal with the logistics and necessities of living after the fire has taken everything from them.
Beyond Pink and Blue is planning on sending little gift bags specifically for the kids, to help them deal with the massive uprooting of their lives.
Bags with toys, clothing, teddies for comfort, puzzles, books anything to keep them busy and distracted are been donated by various bloggers and crafters around Australia and I plan on been one of those donators.
Some ideas i'm throwing around in my head at the moment are:

Mini colouring books (with colour pencils)
Handmade fabric soft toys
Handmade towelletes/blankies

I'll keep updating as I get things done.

Here's Beyond Pink and Blue's site.
And the blog post with their information, if you're interested in helping out.


  1. Thank you soooo much for your blog post and linking back to me!
    It's people like yourself that others can be inspired by.
    You're ace!

  2. I think yourcontributions would be greatly appreciated by the children from the bushfire-ravaged communities. A lot of artists live in the areas where so many homes and lives were lost.


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