February 21, 2009


I spent the day with the lovely Bleupencil today, trolling cafe's and getting caught in storms, and we chatted about a possible collaborative project between us (we've talked about it in the past but finally decided on something lol... sort of, between drawing and laughing and dumb/awesome ideas XD).

Suffice to say, I was very inspired by the concepts/ideas we were throwing around and when I finally managed to get home after further adventures afield (aka, appointments and then another impromptu meeting with a friend), I got to drawing something that may or may not go towards said project.
Thus the sneek-peek only. ^^

Drawn and inked in Photoshop.
Also, today's TaD. #20!! w00t!!

Oh and the title?
Totally has everything to do with the picture. XD


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