February 5, 2009

MP3 Pouch - TaD day 5

Today's Thing-a-Day was more sewing!! Yay! XD
Day 5 I decided my little Samsung MP3 player deserved a new case to keep it safe and warm and happy.

I based the design off the tutorial by Petchy, found on her blog. I changed a couple of things here and there but it pretty close to the original source.
I used a quilting cotton for the top and some red felt for the interior. A piece of shiny red ribbon topped it off. I'm quite happy with how this turned out! Yay for more practise!! :D

If I got my coding half right, clicking on the images should bring up a larger view, if you're interested. :p


  1. I have been enjoying watching your little creative adventures for this thing-a-day thing. This is extra cute!! Love it :D

  2. Saw this on Thing a Day and had to come and see more photos! It looks lovely, that fabric is gorgeous.

  3. What a cute little pouch! My ipod could do with one of those too...


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