February 12, 2009

Day 11 of Thing-a-Day - Colouring Book Concepts

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Day 11's Thing is a concept, nothing flashy, just some diary notes and sketches and a little mockup of my idea.

I'm participating in Beyond Pink and Blue's relief effort for the Victoria bushfire disaster.
The idea is to help the children involved in the bushfires, trying to comfort them and keep them distracted while their parents deal with the aftermath.
Crafters and volunteers have been asked to donate soft toys, books, games, clothing anything that will help the littluns deal with what is going on around them.

I decided to make some colouring books and send them down along with coloured pencils to keep children distracted and take their minds off the horrors around them. A small thing, I know, but if it helps even one child deal with their situation then I am wholeheartedly satisfied.

So this is my thing for today:

Colouring book concepts

First mini-mockup of my book (not actual size! lol)

I'm sure you get the idea ^^

I plan on messing around with book design a little more before settling on something and filling it with colouring pages. :) If you're interested in this project you can find more info about it from Beyond Pink and Blue's post, HERE.
Beyond Pink and Blue's website.

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